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¿Quién es Botobi?

el primer A.I. chatbot inmobiliario

Botobi es nuestro chatbot inmobiliario que actúa no solo como un chatbot, sino también como un agente robot con inteligencia artificial. ¡Se trata del primer agente virtual para inmobiliarios en España!

Ella sigue aprendiendo y desarrollando sus conversaciones para hacerlas lo más cómodas posible para el cliente y el realtor.

Data transparante y verificada

The bot is powered by valid and transparant data about
any laws & regulations about real estate in Spain and it is fully funtionable with an artificial intelligence search
functionality powered by NLP with subsequentely smart lead generators and a.i. profiling of customers for automated qualifying.

A.I. NLP Tecnologia

Botobi is an a.i. chatbot with high-end technology, fully wired to serve realtors and customers in the best way possible where data is the center of the market and the source for the artificial intelligence brain
we are continously developing. The chatbot is where we introduce our technology and the phase we enter
to launch the first recognized a.i. realtor robot, fully functional to work together side by side with
fellow realtors or even independetely.

Artificial Intelligence Botobi

Un salto al futuro

From an A.I. chatbot inmobiliario to a fully functional Robot realtor. With Bototbi, we aim to empower realtors by working with A.I. technology side by side.

A.I. Robot Realtor

Realtors are now finally able to access all the knowledge they need. Botobi is a robot that does work efficient and intelligence. With data and continuous development it is time to make use of it in the real estate market..

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Botobi, ready to deploy

''la sinergia entre el usario y el cebrero de robot es clave para hacer el salto al futuro''.


Botobi, improving experience

Un equipo con vision

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